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About Us
PO Box 307, East Troy, WI  53120
PO Box 314, Mill Spring, NC  28756
Office & Cell: 262-893-1065  /  Fax: 262-997-4152
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Office Manager: email: [email protected]
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     Tom Terrana brings 25 years experience in the freight transportation industry.  He has held several positions in his career. Entering in manufacturing in the early 1990's, Tom oversaw production/quality, staff, and logistic management environments.  Tom possessed a natural ability in negotiating with vendors and customers for results-oriented, mutually profitable business deals which seemed to be a natural fit for entering into the sales arena.

     In the mid-1990's, Tom brought his knowledge and skills into the transportation industry and worked for several freight carriers in the sales management of customer accounts gaining more insight into the complexities of logistic management.  In 2002 Tom founded STT Logistics and has teamed up with some of the largest and most reputable freight carriers in the country.  Assisting customers develop a customized logistics strategy that delivers operational improvements and efficiencies, help reduce costs, save on freight costs and improve bottom-line profits is his main focus.
Increase Profits Through Logistics Management
Many customers we service are several manufacturers and distributors.
Offices are located in Western North Carolina & Southeastern Wisconsin